ART:DIS paintings

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  • Abstract – Cheers

    by Eugene Soh

    This painting explores common elements in composition – line, shape, form, texture, space and colour.

  • Sanctum Entry 1 And 2

    by Gregory Burns

    This painting references the opening of a peaceful sanctuary, encouraging viewers to find peace and calm.

  • Chrysanthemum

    by Lee Mun Choong

    This painting features two yellow chrysanthemums in full bloom, attracting several dragonflies with their sweet scent.

  • Clouds

    by Natalie Holstad

    This painting depicts four abstract renditions of clouds in the blue sky. Natalie painted this to reminisce the act of daydreaming which so many of us did when we were children. She hopes that even as we grow older, we do not forget to look up to the sky once in a while and marvel at the magic of clouds forming.

  • Singapore River

    by Ng Siang Hoi

    Siang Hoi loves the Singapore River for its scenic beauty. He hopes that more will visit the landmark and learn about its history.

  • Vanda Orchid

    by Nicole Koo

    This is one of Nicole’s most detailed artworks. She challenged herself to have the patience and stamina to capture the fine patterns of the leaves and flowers.

  • Guppy

    by Raymond Lau

    This painting depicts a little guppy fish in a pool of water. It’s yellow torso and flaming orange fins swish in the water as it moves side-to-side. Raymond painted this little creature during a difficult point in his life to remind himself to be strong.

  • Blossoming 花开富贵

    by Tay Bee Lian

    This painting depicts four vibrant red flowers in full bloom and a bundle of little buds just waiting to open.

  • 夜 - Tranquility

    by Wesley Seah

    夜 (pronounced ye) is a Chinese character that represents the night. This elegant Chinese calligraphy work is perfect as a decoration or as a gift.


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