About Us

By persons with disabilities, for everybody

ART:DIS Studio is an affiliate initiative of ART:DIS Singapore to create quality lifestyle products and corporate gifts, showcasing the creative and dynamic artworks made by artists with disabilities. Each item purchased helps build their financial independence, and affirms their sense of purpose as valued and contributing members of the community.

"In the world of art, limitations dissolve and creativity knows no bounds. The capsule collection by ART:DIS Studio is designed by 5 up-and-coming artists with disabilities and celebrates the talents of the community.”

Vogue Singapore

Our Services

Artwork Merchandise

Lifestyle products that feature illustrations or paintings by our artists. Ready to purchase off the shelf.

License Artwork

With a database of 500+ artworks, purchase the license to adapt into customised gifts.

Bespoke Artwork

Representing over 50 artists, work with them to develop an original artwork that suit your needs.

Brand Collaborations

Double the impact for the community by joining creative minds. Let's work together for the greater good.

Our Values


We value the perspective and artistry of persons with disabilities. Their artworks provide us new ways of experiencing the world.


Our artists have access to resources such as training, spaces, materials and opportunities.


We create long-term social impact not just for our artists but the whole community, working towards an inclusive society.