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Home to over 50 talented professional & budding artists, ART:DIS Studio values the unique strengths and perspectives of persons with disabilities and believe the arts offers us a lens to understand who they are, to connect with and to experience the world together.

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Tall, lanky and a man of few words, unless the topic is on colours, Noah has a natural talent for harmonizing colors and shaping compositions. Drawing inspiration from role models like Yayoi Kusama and Romero Britto, Noah crafted his own unique art style.

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Avlynn may be petite, but she's a formidable Wushu athlete. When not performing martial arts, she's in our studio, painting bold, expressive strokes. With few able to communicate with Singapore Sign Language, the canvas becomes a receptacle for Avlynn’s thoughts and feelings.

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Yao Qing

Yao Qing sees patterns in everyday life. His study of things such as tiled sidewalks are fuel to his imagination, which when unleashed is a riot of colours and shapes on paper.

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Joshua is an expressive artist who enjoys experimenting with vibrant hues and abstract expressionist forms to share his feelings and thoughts. To better understand tints & shades, Joshua explored the diverse spectrum of greys in this monochromatic study.

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Hugh's tall stature and vibrant personality make him stand out in any crowd, but don't let his demeanor deceive you. Behind his cheerful grin lies a math prodigy. Case in point, his artwork was constructed using pi, the infinite mathematical constant.

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